About Us


Galion Location||||

When Guy’s Insurance began in 1973 we had rotary phones and vinyl albums (not to mention questionable fashion choices). A lot has changed in the nearly four decades that have passed. But one thing that has not changed is our dedication to providing our customers with the best insurance coverage and second-to-none customer service.


Today we operate two offices to better serve our customers. Our Galion, OH location opened in 1986. We added the Mansfield, OH office in 2005.


Despite all the changes, we still stick to the old fashioned concept of personal, one-on-one service. We have access to several different insurance providers allowing us to cater your policy to your individual needs. We also believe in treating our customers like people, not just a policy number. And we believe that solid, honest customer service is important.


Maybe that’s why more than 3,000 people have chosen us for their insurance coverage.


Why not find out what keeps those folks coming back to Guy’s Insurance? Contact us today.